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Worried About Your Child’s Weak Immune System? Here Is The Solution


Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, parents have become all the more focused on improving their child’s immunity. With the onset of monsoon and widespread diseases, having a strong immune system is essential. Considering that children are prone to pick eating which leads to a weak immune system, formulating a nutritious diet is a stressful task for parents.

While the market is flooded with various kinds of immunity boosters for kids, we suggest you rely on natural ingredients. Here is a list of food items which can boost your child’s immunity in the long run.

Citrus fruits

Rich in Vitamin C, citrus fruits like grapes, lemon, orange, and berries are credited for strengthening the immune system. Vitamin C can boost the immune system to produce white blood cells, which are essential to fight infections.

Curd or Yogurt

Yoghurt is a probiotic food, which has a general immunity-boosting effect. It multiplies the good bacteria in the gut. Probiotics also show potential in preventing allergies such as eczema, particularly in children. While curd can be served along with meals, it can also be added to smoothies.

Green leafy vegetables

Folate, an element found in abundance in green leafy vegetables, not only boosts immunity but is also responsible for producing antibodies that fight viruses and bacteria. Vegetables that contain the highest amount of folate include spinach and kale.

Dry fruits and seeds

Zinc keeps the immune system strong, supports our sense of smell, builds proteins and also ensures the proper functioning of more than 300 enzymes. One of the tastiest sources of zinc is dry fruits and seeds. A handful of this tasty snack can keep your child immune.

Coconut water

Rich in nutrients and vitamins, coconut water has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties that can help increase the body’s immune system and fight viral infections as well. Instead of plain water, parents can offer coconut water to their kids after they come back home from school or the playground.

(Disclaimer: The health tips shared in this article are based on common practices and general knowledge. Readers are advised to consult a doctor before following them at home.)

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