Home Business Work from Home to End for Apple Employees? Know How iPhone Maker Plans to Open Offices

Work from Home to End for Apple Employees? Know How iPhone Maker Plans to Open Offices

Work from Home to End for Apple Employees? Know How iPhone Maker Plans to Open Offices


Tech major Apple Inc has asked its employees to come back to office and work from their designated deputations as Covid-19 wanes, with businesses slowly moving towards the hybrid work mode. Employees will have to work from offices for at least three days a week, the iPhone maker has said, as per a report. This marks Apple’s latest move to attempt a return to work, with the pandemic postponing its plans several times earlier.

As per the report by Bloomberg, Apple requires its employees to  to work from office on Tuesdays, Thursdays, as well as a regular, separate third day. This will be determined later by individual teams. It must be noted here that Apple has also set a deadline for its employees to come back to their original deputations. The company has asked the staff to return to office by September 5.

The new schedule prescribed by the iPhone maker is a shift from its original one, which called for in-person work on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. The notification was sent to the employees on Monday, as per the Bloomberg report.

Since June last year, the California-based tech giant has been attempting to bring back employees to their offices and announced a three-day work policy. However, successive Covid waves that year and through the staring of 2022 stalled those plans. This forced the company to stick to a two-day work from office schedule.

As per the Bloomberg report, the iPhone maker informed its employees that the new policy will first kick in at its Silicon Valley office and then spread to other branches. However, a spokesperson for Apple refused to comment on the updated deadlines, said the report. This is not the only step towards ‘normalising’ the work culture that Apple has adapted to recently. Weeks earlier, the company notified the dropping of  its mask mandate for corporate employees at most locations. It had, several months back, already removed the mandate to wear masks at individual desks.

Apple last month became the latest major tech company to put a lid on its hiring and also decelerate its spending amid a warning of an impending recession. The company wanted to put a cap on expenditures and job growth at some of its sectors but has not taken up a companywide policy. This cautious stance displayed by Apple mimics the approach taken by its tech peers including, Amazon.com Inc., Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Microsoft Corp., which, as mentioned above, have taken measures to cut costs.

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