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Why You Should Add Lassi To Your Diet During Summer?


In summer, people consume different types of beverages to quench their thirst. From simple water to juices to coconut water, people make it a point to keep themselves hydrated. And, if you are looking for some more summer cooler options then this is your stop. We are going to talk about lassi and its benefits.

Apart from keeping you hydrated, lassi does wonders to the digestive system. Drinking lassi also keeps the body cool from the inside. We are going to share with you the health benefits of lassi.

Prevents stomach problems: Drinking lassi in summer helps to prevent stomach issues. Basically, the good bacteria in lassi help to prevent the growth of bad bacteria in our guts. Hence, drinking lassi can prevent stomach bloating, constipation and other digestive problems.

Weight loss: It contains both probiotics and milk, which improve bowel movements, thereby improving digestion. It also contains healthy bacteria, which can help in reducing weight. You can also take low-fat curd to make lassi, it boosts immunity and also helps in weight loss.

Provides energy: Lassi contains vitamins, proteins, minerals, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, which help in providing energy to our body.

Boosts immunity: Lassi is rich in lactic acid and Vitamin D. This help in strengthening the immune system and speed up the metabolism rate.

Make bones strong and control cholesterol: If you want to keep your bones strong then definitely consume lassi. It is rich in calcium, which maintains healthy bones. The probiotics present in lassi can also help in controlling the cholesterol level as well as blood pressure.

These are the few health benefits of drinking lassi. So, from now on, start including lassi in your regular food chart and keep yourself cool and hydrated in summer.

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