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Why Talking About Menstruation is Important


Menstruation is a topic which is still not discussed in our households openly. While various campaigns are trying to break the taboo and create awareness amongst girls and their families to address the issue, there is still a huge gap to fill.

Let’s burst the bubble around the taboo and look at why talking about menstruation and menstrual hygiene is important.

Increases self-confidence of girls

In many developing countries, girls are barred from praying, entering religious places, cooking, and even going out of their homes during that time of the month. Due to this taboo, many girls even have to drop out of school after hitting puberty. This leads to lower self-esteem and shattered confidence in them. Talking about menstruation openly gives them a chance to stand eye to eye and speak for their rights. This increases their confidence and lets them know that menstruation is not a disease.

Lowers the chance of infections

Creating awareness about safe menstrual practices enables girls to take precautions during periods. If they will know about the right products, correct sanitation practices, and other necessary things, then they will follow through with it. Maintaining menstrual hygiene lowers the risk of urinary tract infections, fertility problems and other reproductive diseases.

Prepares them for their first period

Parents usually do not talk to young girls about menstruation. So, when a girl gets her first period, she is often clueless about what to do. So, having open communication around the subject helps girls to prepare for the changes their body is going to go through.

Helps in confronting superstitions

There are many religious beliefs that are going on for centuries regarding menstruation. Proper education about menstruation and menstrual hygiene help girls confront those beliefs and come out stronger. This breaks the chain and gives future generations equal opportunities.

Sensitise males

Male peers and partners should also be equally aware of the subject in order to feel the pain a girl goes through at that time of the month.

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