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Why Natural Ingredients Are Best For Skincare

Why Natural Ingredients Are Best For Skincare


Skincare has become a part of our daily ritual, especially for women. Skincare should be followed by everyone if you want to achieve glowing and healthy skin. Skincare products mainly include cleanser, toner and moisturiser (known as CTM) and for a healthy skin you need to use these products regularly. However, finding products that suit your skin could be a tough task as most of the products contain chemicals and cause side effects at times.

A few products could be too harsh for skin, at times. So, to avoid side effects and any adverse impact on your skin, experts advise to choose herbal products and natural ingredients for skincare. Traditionally in India many natural ingredients have been in use for skincare and they are safe.

In a recent interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Suraj Shetty, Dermatologist at Cetaphil, explained how when we use market products, we can sometimes get unwelcome skin infections like skin irritation, acne, redness, or even puffiness. He went on to explain that the two most key factors you should look for in a skin care product are vitamin E and vitamin B5.Even on extremely dry, chafed skin, these vitamins aid in moisturising and reducing irritation, according to Dr Shetty.

“The natural texture of the skin can be damaged by preservatives, scents, and soaps, which can lead to various unwanted skin problems like irritation, redness, and rashes. Vitamins are a skincare miracle because, in addition to being essential for nourishing the skin, they also help to reduce redness,”Dr Shetty told Hindustan Times Lifestyle.

According to Natasha Tuli, CEO and Chief Formulator, Soulflower, natural ingredients and organic products on the skin are beneficial as they have no side effects. She also advised that natural ingredients have been backed by science, ancient rituals, and diligent research.

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