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Who Are Happier And Why?

Who Are Happier And Why?


India is a country where cultures are respected, and people tend to tilt more towards traditional practices. At the same time, the people of the nation are slowly opening themselves to new ways of living and it has made them more accepting of different lifestyles that were earlier considered more unorthodox than others. Therefore, a lot of people marry and love their well-settled lives, whereas others don’t want to pursue companionship and want to stay single. When a woman remains unmarried after a certain age, a section of society has several questions to ask them. However, experts say that single women are happier than married women.

Psychology Today quoted expert Paul Dolan, Professor of behavioural science at the London School of Economics, as saying that single women with no children are the happiest. Dolan says that men derive benefits from marriage, which makes them happy being married more than when they are single. However, this doesn’t apply to women.


He explained that men calm down after marriage. They settle down, don’t take risks, make more money and live longer. While marriage impacts men positively, it does not affect women the same way. On the contrary, middle-aged married women are at higher risk of mental and physical health deterioration as compared to single women.

According to research and gender psychologists, women are better at handling emotions than men. They also tend to spend more time organising their environment than men, making them do more work in a relationship. The burden on women increases after marriage because rather than sharing responsibilities, they do the most work. Men rely heavily on their wives, and this makes their lives easier.

All these reasons make it easier for us to understand why single women enjoy their lifestyle more than single men. These reasons also make them more selective in the process of choosing men and their choice boils down to one practical question – “How much do I compromise?”

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