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What You Must Do To Please Lord Ganesha


Vinayaka Chaturthi is a monthly festival that honours Lord Ganesha. There are two Chaturthi tithis in each lunar month. Vinayaka Chaturthi is the Chaturthi that follows Amavasya or the new moon in the Shukla Paksha of any month. Devotees observe fast on this day, which occurs during the waning and waxing phases of the moon. This month the festival falls on June 3.

The festival is also known as Ganesha Chaturthi or Sankasthi Chaturthi. In the Bhadrapada month of the Hindu calendar, devotees fast for a whole day. Vinayaka Chaturthi is also called Varad Vinayaka Chaturthi, which translates as “praying to God to fulfil any wish one has.”

Recently, Astrologer Dr Ganesh Mishra told News18 some measures to observe this festival to clear all the hurdles coming your way:

Apply red sindoor tilak on Lord Ganesha’s forehead on the auspicious day of Vinayak Chaturthi. This will bring you joy and wealth in your life.

On Vinayaka Chaturthi, present a garland of marigold flowers to Lord Ganesh. After the prayer is concluded, place the garland at the front entrance of the house. This will postpone the negative omen and encourage happiness and tranquilly.

On Vinayaka Chaturthi, offer green clothes to Ganesh Ji to solve marital issues. Apart from that by offering five cloves and cardamom, love will become stronger as the hardships of love life go away.

On Vinayaka Chaturthi, present 5 or 21 bales of Durva to Ganesh Ji along with the mantra इदं दुर्वादलं ऊं गंगणपतये नमः for growth in pleasure, prosperity, wealth, and so on in the home.

Because Modak is highly loved by Lord Ganesha, you should serve Modak to Ganpati Bappa during Vinayaka Chaturthi puja. You will be successful in your task because of his grace.

If you are stuck on a project or starting a new one, worship Ganesh Ji with the following mantra on Vinayaka Chaturthi. Your efforts will be rewarded. Obstacles will be eliminated.

वक्रतुण्ड महाकाय, सुर्यकोटि समप्रभ:।
निर्विघ्नम् कुरु मे देव, सर्वकार्येषु सर्वदा।।

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