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What is Tazia and Its Significance

What is Tazia and Its Significance


MUHARRAM 2022: The second holiest month in the Hijri calendar, Muharram marks the beginning of the Islamic New Year. In 2022, the new Islamic year began on July 30. The tenth day of the month is observed as the Ashura by Muslims across the world. The day is marked with fasting and special prayers in mosques. It marks the death anniversary of Prophet Muhammad’s grandson Imam Hussain in the battle of Karbala. Basically, Tazia is a replica of the mausoleum of Imam Hussain, and are made in numerous forms and sizes. The word tazia is derived from the Arabic word aza which means commemorating the dead.

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 This replica of the mausoleum can be brought home on any day between the eve of the first day of Muharram and the ninth day. It it is buried on the tenth day of Ashura, when Imam Hussain was martyred. Therefore, Taziyat means paying your condolences, homage, and respect to the deceased.

In a sense, tazia holds the symbolism around which the depiction of the tragedy of Karbala revolves. Tazia is set up inside azakhana, commonly known as imambada, which is a temporary area made specially for Muharram.

The Muslim community members accompany the tazia in a procession with drums and chanting Ya Hussain. Tazia’s arrival is a sign of the commencement of mourning. Apart from setting the tazia in the imambada, azakhana is also prepared with flowers and itr, as people mourn here.

People show their creativity while making the tazia, using colourful papers, flowers, lightings, and mirrors. Apart from tazia and drums, animals like camels, elephants, and horses also join the procession. his year, the processions for Ashura will begin on August 8.

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