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What is National Leave The Office Early Day and Why it is Celebrated in the US?


NATIONAL LEAVE THE OFFICE EARLY DAY 2022: On June 2, the United States observes the National Leave The Office Early Day where everyone ensures that they are out of their working spaces before the conventional wrap-up time. But what exactly is this day and why is it celebrated?

To know the answer, we would have to shine light upon a book authored by Laura Stack in 2004 titled Leave The Office Earlier. Laura is an employee productivity expert who, after authoring the book, also initiated a national day of leaving the office early.

Laura noticed that the average American works about 49 hours per week, which when compounded annually, is 350 hours more than the Europeans. Building upon this finding, she highlighted the disruptive and destructive effects on both the mental and physical health of the employees.

With a full day based on this factor, Laura wanted to bring the focus of the public to the fact that happy employees are productive employees. This made it a win-win situation as it not only made the employees happy but also the employer. As a result, on June 2, people rush up their work by ending work time earlier as an incentive.

The day is even more important in today’s day and age. Ever since the technological boom, work hours found their way into people’s homes. And with the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on the world, the work from home paradigm diminished the line between home and office.

This fumbled the work-life balance greatly. As a result, the Leave The Office Early Day allows people to pay heed to the line, which is now strikingly thin, between their work hours and their relaxing and leisure hours.

The day allows people to reboot and focus on things that get overshadowed by work. Every year, the day is observed on June 2 and in case the date falls on the weekend, the National Leave The Office Early Day is celebrated on the closest working day.

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