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Weight Loss Vs Fat Loss: How Are They Different


Are you on your weight loss journey and not seeing the number drop at the weighing machine? Don’t t worry, it is normal. People who start a fitness regime usually focus on the number on the weighing machine. They consider the scale drop to be a sign of the effectiveness of their workout routine. However, it is not the case. The purpose of a workout for weight loss is not actually losing weight, but it is about burning the extra calories and losing fat. Let’s understand how losing weight is different from losing fat to frame our fitness goals.

Weight vs Fat

The weight of the body is determined not only by fat but also by muscle mass, bone density, and water in the body. Our weight fluctuates after eating. It won’t remain the same throughout the day. If you are weighing 50 kilos empty stomach, then your weight might increase by the end of the day because of the food and water you have consumed.

Meanwhile, fat is different and is determined by the things we eat. The fat content in the body can increase our body weight but is not the sole reason for weight gain. Increased fat causes a lot of other problems in the body such as cholesterol, hypertension, and obesity.

What should be our focus?

One should focus on losing the fat content in their body instead of losing weight. Your workout routine should include exercises that burn fat faster and makes us feel fit from the outside and inside. If we try to be dependent only on the weighing machine, then our goals might not be achieved so soon. Fat burning also means losing the extra inches from the waist, arms, and other parts of the body.

Once you start losing fat, eventually, the scale will also drop a few numbers as the body is losing something that contributes to the increased weight. Sometimes, a person having excess fat might not weigh as much as their body seems, this is because their body mass is less.

So, focus on losing fat and not weight to have the perfect fit physique.

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