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Ways to Prepare for a Safe Abortion; Here’s What Expert Says


There can be many reasons for a couple to terminate a pregnancy. Health issues, financial stress, partner-related issues and unplanned pregnancy are some of them. However, when dealing with such a situation there are certain things that shall be kept in mind. Dr. Niti Kautish, Director of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Fortis Escorts Hospital, shares a few tips that you should definitely give a look at.

Go to a qualified healthcare provider

A qualified healthcare provider shall be sought for safe abortion. He adds that educating ourselves about abortion options and what each one necessitates is crucial. Once the best option is chosen, the details of what to expect before, during, and after the procedure must be asked to a doctor.

Don’t stress about expenses for abortion

The expenses for abortion vary due to several factors including the type of abortion chosen, the healthcare provider one goes to, insurance coverage, and where a person lives. Rather than taking stress, we should first inquire about all the necessary information.

Tell about the situation to close ones only

Dr Kautish suggests that one should only let their close ones know about the situation. Having support from the people who actually care could be very helpful.

A supportive companion shall be taken to the health centre

Some hospitals require women to come with a person who can take them home following a surgical abortion. In case, you want a person to accompany you, Dr Kautish suggests picking someone whose presence can reduce any potential anxiety. Making yourself distracted after an abortion can prevent overthinking. The companions shall know what all things can make the women feel comforted.

At last, the genealogists advised that a great deal of thought should be given to family planning going forward so that unintended pregnancy can be avoided.

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