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Want To Make Crispy Samosas At Home? Make Sure You Get The Dough Right


One of the most popular snacks in India is the samosa. People are ready to eat crispy and delicious samosas for breakfast and with evening tea. If you want to make crispy samosas that taste well at home, all you need to do is take special care of small things. Many people are not able to make it as crispy and tasty as the market ones even after lakhs of effort. The biggest reason for this is that the samosa dough is not kneaded properly. Despite having a good stuffing, you don’t get that signature taste of samosas. Because of this, the fun of eating samosas becomes gritty. Let us tell you the right way to knead samosa dough to make it perfect.

Keep these things in mind while kneading the dough for samosas:

The dough of samosa is also kneaded in the same way as that of puri or paratha. But this dough needs to be a little firmer. If your dough is soft, then the samosas will come out of the fryer soft too. Apart from this, to make samosas, you must use more quantity of oil or ghee too.

If you take one and a half bowl of maida flour to make samosas, then you will have to add 6 to 7 tablespoons of oil. To knead the dough of samosa, first put maida flour in a big vessel and add ghee or oil as per the requirement. Add some salt to it and mix it all well. A good way to measure moyan (oil or ghee) is that after adding oil or ghee, you should see whether the flour is binding well in your fist or not. If it is clenching in your fist properly, then you will get crispy samosas after frying the dough. After mixing all the things, keep adding water little by little to the flour and knead the dough. After it is kneaded well, cover it with a wet cloth and let it rest for a while. Your samosa dough is ready.

1. Mix oil or ghee in the dough and let it rest for a while.

2. Do not put all the water in the flour at once.

3. Keep in mind that the dough should neither be too hard nor too soft.

4. After kneading, keep it covered with a wet cotton cloth for 10 minutes.

5. Keep the dough covered with a wet cloth till the samosa is rolled.

6. Add moyan to the flour well, because it will make the samosas crispy.

7. For the stuffing, instead of grating the potatoes, mash them and mix it with spices. After mixing it well, fill the samosa dough with the stuffing.

8. You can use maida batter to close the samosas properly after stuffing it.

9. Adding a small amount of semolina with maida flour improves its texture and enhances the taste.

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