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Want to Know Your PF Balance? Here is How to Check it Online and Offline


PF Update: The central government has approved a four-decade-low interest rate of 8.1 per cent on employee provident fund deposits for 2021-22. The decision will impact about five crore subscribers of the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO). Having a provident fund or PF is compulsory for all employees across India which serves as a source of income following their retirement. Every month, a certain amount of money is deducted from the employee’s salary, which is credited to him or her after retirement. The same amount of money is also provided by the employee’s company every month. While the government credits PF interest in November usually, PF subscribers have several ways to check their PF balance, both online and offline.

How to Check EPFO Balance via EPFO Website

You will be able to check your PF balance using the EPFO portal run by the government using your activated Universal Account Number (UAN). You can also download and print your e-passbook using this portal.

– For this, you have to log on to and click on the ‘For Employees’ option under the ‘Our Services’ dropdown menu.

– Then, click on the ‘Member Passbook’ option under ‘Services’, where you have to provide your UAN number and password to view your passbook.

– You must have an activated UAN to access this service and it will not be available if your Universal Account Number has not been activated by your employer.

– If you do not have a UAN, click on the link and select you state before clicking on you office link.

– Enter your  PF Account Number, name and registered mobile number and click ‘Submit’. You will be able to view your PF balance.

How to Check EPFO Balance via SMS

– EPFO members, whose UANs are registered with the retirement body, can get details of their most recent contributions and provident fund balance though an SMS.

– All you have to do is send the SMS to 7738299899 with the text “EPFOHO UAN ENG”. ‘ENG’ here denotes the first three letters of your language of preference, in this case English. If you want to get the SMS in Tamil, you can write ‘TAM’, ‘BEN’ for Bengali, ‘HIN’ for Hindi and so on. The service is available in 10 different languages.

– In this regard, you should also not forget to sync your UAN with your bank account, Aadhaar and PAN, as EPFO stores details of its members. You can also ask your employer to do the seeding for you.

How to Check EPFO Balance via Missed Call

– Employees Provident Fund Organisation or EPFO members can check their PF balance by giving a missed call to the number 011-22901406.

– For this, you have to call from your registered phone number.

– The details will be provided to you if you are registered on the UAN portal. You do not need to remember your UAN in this regard.

How to Check EPFO Balance via Umang App

The Umang App of the government can be used by employees to view their provident fund balance. The app, launched by the centre, can be used to avail various government services under on umbrella. Using this, you can view your EPF Passbook, claim your provident fund and even track your claim. An employee just has to register on the app using the mobile number.

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