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Twitching can be a Warning Sign of Cancer, Look for These Symptoms


A dreadful disease, cancer can affect any part of the human body including blood, bones, lungs or liver. Cancer is characterised by the uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells that can spread anywhere in the body. What makes the disease frightening is that many a time the symptoms are not related to the tumour’s point of origin.

Sometimes the malignant cancer cells spread uncontrollably and invade tissues and areas where the nerves are centered. This causes spasms, twitches or jerking in the patient. Muscle twitching is involuntary contractions that can be a result of consuming excessive caffeine.

However, according to experts, muscle twitching can also be a danger sign of some types of cancer. Monika Wassermann, MD at Oliolussioe, explained that brain tumours can cause irritation in the brain’s neurons and can lead to a tingling or twitching sensation.

When tumour develops in the brain stem, occipital lobe or temporal lobe, a person can experience blurred vision, double vision or eye twitching. The expert suggest that eyes and legs are more prone to twitching from cancer.

Meningioma is a type of cancer that is centred around the nervous system. Here, symptoms are caused when the tumour presses against the brain or spinal cord affecting the normal functioning of a specific part of the brain.

The symptoms of meningioma include motor seizures where a person can witness sudden and involuntary movement of muscles. When tumours spread to the temporal lobe, parietal lobe or frontal lobe, it can cause speech problems in the person.

The frontal lobe is associated with decision making, concentration, problem-solving, and thinking speed functions. When the spinal cord gets affected, problems usually arises in the muscles which tend to get tighten up mostly in the ankle and foot area.

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