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Try These Home Remedies To Quit Smoking


Though everyone knows that smoking is injurious to health, many people fall prey to the bad addiction of tobacco. At the same time, once you are addicted, it becomes very difficult to get rid of it. However, some home remedies can make this effort easier for you.

Here are a few home remedies to help you quit smoking.

Drink ginger tea: A lot of times, people start feeling dizzy and nauseous while trying to quit smoking. To get relief from these withdrawal symptoms, people go back to smoking. Drinking ginger tea can help you prevent a relapse by reducing the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms and making you feel at ease.

Consume fennel and carom seeds: You can also quit smoking by consuming fennel seeds and carom seeds powder. To make it, grind fennel and carom seeds and make powder. Now add a little black salt and lemon juice to this powder and keep it overnight. In the morning, roast this mixture on a hot pan and keep it in an airtight container. Consume this mix when you urge to smoke.

Make ginger and gooseberry powder: To get rid of smoking addiction, grate ginger and gooseberry and keep it to dry. Now mix lemon and black salt in it and keep it in an airtight container. Consuming it every few minutes will control the urge to smoke.

Morning Walk and Yoga: Morning walk and a little yoga can prove to be very helpful for you to quit smoking. After including morning walk and yoga in your daily routine, you start feeling very healthy, energised and fresh. Also, it becomes very easy for your body to deal with withdrawal symptoms.

Honey and cinnamon: You can also prepare a mixture of honey and cinnamon to get rid of smoking. For this, grind cinnamon and mix honey in it and consume it if you want to smoke. This will also help you to stay away from smoking.

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