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Traveling First Time on a Plane? Keep These 4 Things in Mind

Traveling First Time on a Plane? Keep These 4 Things in Mind


Boarding an aeroplane for the first time is indeed an exciting experience. You are overwhelmed with feelings of enthusiasm, and nervousness, counting the day till your date of departure with a beating heart. Boarding a flight has its fair share of formalities. From showing relevant documents while entering the airport, getting your luggage under a scanner, and undergoing a series of security procedures, hopping on a plane is quite time-consuming.

If you are a first-time flight traveller, you should read all the rules and regulations that are followed in the place of departure as well as in the place of arrival. To make it easier for you, here are four important tips that you must take before you board the aircraft.

Don’t overpack

Every airline has a strict luggage policy. Both the carry-on bags and the luggage bags are demarcated with a specific weight measurement by the airline. Even if your bag weighs just a few extra kgs more than the stipulated measurement, you might be charged some fee to let the bag pass. Therefore, be very careful before stuffing your luggage with extra clothes, or heavy items.

Carry relevant documents

It is mandatory to carry relevant documents like your flight tickets, identity card, driver’s license, passport, and health certificates whenever you board a flight. Not bringing important documents to the airport will land you in trouble and you might even be stopped from boarding the flight. Always carry both the original and a photocopy of the documents.

Arrive two hours before departure

Don’t leave your house at the last minute before you have a flight to catch. Once you enter the airport premises, you have to undergo a strict security process — from depositing the luggage bag at the counter, acquiring the boarding pass, putting the carry-on bags under the scanner, and finding the gate from where the flight will depart. Since following these steps will take much time, it is highly recommended that you arrive at the airport at least two hours before your boarding time.

Wear comfortable clothing:

One untold rule before you board a flight is wearing comfortable and loose-fitted clothing. Sitting on a flight for long hours, wearing a pair of tight jeans, and body-hugging tops will become a nightmare for you, making your journey uncomfortable. Hence, it is suggested that you wear baggy and breathable garments while on a flight.

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