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Tips To Make Your Next Waxing Session Absolutely Painless

Tips To Make Your Next Waxing Session Absolutely Painless


Having body hair is completely natural and to remove it or not is completely a preference. While there are many ways to get rid of body hair, waxing is one of the most common methods used for it. It is also considered affordable and safe. It also lasts longer compared to shaving.

There are many types of waxing, and the most common ones are soft wax, hard wax, fruit wax, chocolate wax, and sugar wax. Even though waxing is common, there are a few things that one should keep in mind. This will help you reduce your pain and prevent you from getting any infection.

Let’s look at some secrets you should know before waxing:

Exfoliation: Exfoliating your skin is vital before waxing. With the help of exfoliation, you’ll be able to remove all the dead skin, which will make sure your hair is removed from the roots. Exfoliating can avoid acne, irritation, and ingrown hair post waxing.

Avoid caffeine: On the day you’re going to wax, it’s best to stay away from caffeine, as it can cause more pain during the hair removal procedure.

Don’t wax before your periods: Waxing during or before your periods can cause more pain as the skin is sensitive. Schedule your waxing appointment accordingly. Avoid getting it a few days before your menstrual cycle.

Moisturiser: Always apply moisturiser after waxing to hydrate your skin. Body lotion will moisturise your skin and assist in concealing regrowth by slowing it down. You can also opt for baby oil as that will also work wonders.

Use baby powder: Before you wax, apply some baby powder to the areas you’re going to wax. All the moisture will be absorbed, and you won’t face any hindrance while waxing.

Ice: You can rub some ice or any other form of cooling on your skin right after you wax to avoid redness and itchiness. It reduces the effect and soothes your skin.

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