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Tips to Keep in Mind While Planning a Road Trip

Tips to Keep in Mind While Planning a Road Trip


After going through several lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a road trip with family might need you to plan and prepare more than before. And if you are traveling with a kid, you have to take care of all the essentials the little one would require. COVID-19 is not over yet, so make sure you carry your RT-PCR test results, vaccination certificates, masks, and hand sanitizers as stay safe.

While these are important stuff to carry, we also bring you a list of things that you should remember while planning a road trip –

  1. If you are taking your own car for a road trip, make sure it’s in proper condition. Get it checked with a technician. Keep the necessary toolkit and a spare tire in your car. Equip your car depending upon the terrain, route, and weather conditions.
  2. Carry your license, insurance papers, and personal IDs ready and handy.
  3. We all are heavily dependent on Google Maps while traveling. But as a necessary precaution, check out the route beforehand on the maps. You will be driving for quite a long time, and you do not want any obstacles. Keep a tab on news regarding the route of your trip, in case there’s a road blockage or construction work is going on, you will have plenty of time on hand to chart out a different route. Also, during the trip, do not hesitate to take help from the locals.
  4. On a long journey, you might need to stay in some hotels. Make sure you carry your own toiletries and towels. If your pet is accompanying you on the trip, make sure to look for hotels that are pet friendly and give them a call before reservation just to confirm the same.
  5. If you are traveling with a child, then you might want to keep them engaged in some activities to avoid staring at the phone and watching cartoons for a longer time. Carry a notepad or drawing book along with some colored pens and crayons. You can carry puzzles or games that will keep your little one engaged.
  6. The most important part of a road trip is munching on snacks and listening to good music while enjoying the landscapes. Pack sandwiches or wraps, biscuits, juices, fruit, nuts, granola bars, and popcorn to deal with hunger pangs. Make a good playlist of songs that includes everyone’s favorites.

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