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Tips That Can Help You Boost Your Child’s Confidence And Self-Esteem

Tips That Can Help You Boost Your Child’s Confidence And Self-Esteem


A child learns by picking habits from their social environment. As a toddler, their social group might be limited to just the caregivers, but it’s from them that a child picks up new skills, and abilities, and even build confidence.

As per an interview with Hindustan Times, Child Psychologist, Nidhi Tiwari said, “Confidence is the greatest gift that parents can gift to their children.”

She explains that it is important to inculcate small habits in children from their childhood so that it can boost their confidence when they grow up.

Check out these few tips that can help you boost your child’s confidence –

Encourage your child
At every stage of life, a child learns something new. As a toddler, their first step, first words, and holding a cup will be new and delightful. It is important that you as a parent teach them, support them, praise their efforts, and encourage them whenever they attempt something new. It will build their self-esteem and boost their confidence and keep them motivated. Make sure you do not over-praise your child as it may feel hollow and fake.

Do not compare
Each child is unique and has a different set of talents. Comparing them with their siblings or peer will bring their self-esteem down and they may develop an inferiority complex. Such comparisons may cause anger, emotional stress, hurt, and anxiety in your kid which can affect their personal development. Focus on your child’s strength and ban harsh criticism.

Be a good role model
Parents serve as the best role models for kids and young kids often mimic their parents. If your child sees you putting in effort for everyday tasks like making your bed, cleaning the dishes, etc, you are setting an example. Your child will also learn from you and at the same time they will put in an effort with their tasks too, like cleaning up toys, doing homework, making the bed, etc.

Give them small responsibilities
You can assign little tasks to your kids like asking them to make their bed or eating on their own. This will give them a sense of responsibility. It will build their confidence and make them more responsible. They will learn the value of hard work and grow up to be independent.

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