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Tips and Tricks to Clean Pigeon Poop on Your Balcony or Terrace


In the summer season, there is a constant movement of birds on the balcony of our houses. At the same time, some people also like to keep water and grains for birds on the roof or balcony of the house in this scorching heat. Of course, this habit of yours in summer works as a great relief for the birds.

But, many times pigeons and other birds that come on the balcony or terrace of the house make the house dirty with their poop. And then cleaning the terrace becomes a herculean task. We will share with you some easy methods, which you can follow to clean the balcony of the house.

Take precautions while cleaning pigeon poops: To clean pigeon poop, first of all, protect yourself. Because there is also a possibility of you being allergic to pigeon poops. So do not forget to wear a face mask and gloves before cleaning the beet.

Make a Cleansing Liquid: To clean the stubborn stains of pigeon poops, prepare a liquid by mixing 2 teaspoons of dishwashing liquid with 1 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of water. Now, sprinkle this mixture on the poop. Then after 15 minutes scrub the floor and it will be completely clean.

Use floor cleaner: Apart from cleaning pigeon poops, it is also very important to clean the bacteria off the floor. For this, you can use floor cleaner. The sodium hypochlorite present in it helps make the floor bacteria-free.

Wash the balcony: After wiping the floor with a cleaner, wipe it with a disposable microfiber cloth. And do not forget to wash the balcony with clean water. With this, your balcony will start shining and will also be smell free.

Try to take some precautions while cleaning pigeon poops. If your immunity is weak, then avoid cleaning the poop yourself.

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