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TikTok User’s ‘Healthy Coke’ Trend Takes Over the Internet; Is it Beneficial?


From clever memes to quick challenging videos to fun recipes, the popularity of viral media has been fueled by the rapid increase of social networking platforms. Recently, a TikTok user came up with a recipe for “healthy coke” with just two ingredients and shared the video online. The short clip went viral on the internet in no time. The user claims that if you combine sparkling water and balsamic vinegar, it tastes just like Coca-Cola. The TikTok user said that she learned this unique recipe from her Pilates trainer. “I am not joking you, it tastes just like a Coke and you’re going to think I’m insane,” said Amanda before mixing in the ingredients. She described it as a “healthy substitute to a coke”. However, there is no such research that supports her statement.

Posted on June 6, Amanda’s video has received nearly 7 million views.

Those who tried Amanda’s “healthy Coke” recipe took to social media handles and shared their reviews. A user wrote, “If you’re curious enough to give it a shot, I’d advise you to ignore your curiosity. If you want a can of cola, get a can of cola.”

Another TikTok user commented, “Y’all’ that’s delicious! That’s my new drink! Don’t add too much balsamic because it’ll overpower it.”

However, as per a report in Indian Express, nutritionist Mihira A R Khopkar said, “Enjoy your Coke/diet Coke as is, happily, while being mindful of portion sizes and frequency of consumption. Leave balsamic vinegar or other varieties of vinegar restricted to your salad dressings and/or sautéed veggies. As a drink, they are sure to hurt your teeth.”

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