Home Lifestyle Three British Women Disgusted By Spain’s Liberating Campaign Of Celebrating Beach Body Positivity

Three British Women Disgusted By Spain’s Liberating Campaign Of Celebrating Beach Body Positivity

Three British Women Disgusted By Spain’s Liberating Campaign Of Celebrating Beach Body Positivity


The Spanish government is campaigning for body positivity this summer and the world is all for it. But, very recently a few women came forth without intimating them or taking their permission.

Just last week the Equality Minister of Spain received applauds from people across the globe for asking women in Spain to ditch “stereotypes” this summer and own their bodies taking into account the pressure that women undergo in order to conform to the societal notions of beauty.

What people certainly did not expect out of this extremely progressive campaign was the fact that the basics of three women would be violated, who was seen in those pictures without their prior consent.

BBC did an extensive reportage on the same and based on which we get to know that, Juliet Fitzpatrick who is a cancer survivor and someone who has undergone mastectomy claimed that a woman in one of the posters was actually made to be an inspiration taken from one of her pictures- her face was used on another woman’s body.

However, she has confirmed that the picture used is definitely not her because she has undergone a double mastectomy while the lady in the picture, one.

“For me, it is about how my body has been used and represented without my permission,” she told the BBC.

On the other hand, British photographer Ami Barwell who has photographed Fitzpatrick in the past mentioned to BBC, “I think that the person who created the art has gone through my gallery and pieced them together,” in context to the fact that even she thinks that it is Fitzpatrick’s body that inspired the content creator to include a body that has under mastectomy in the poster.

Based on reports, apparently Arte Mapache, the campaign designer has sincerely apologised for using images without seeking consent but the experience of two other women tells a different story all together.

Nyome Nicholas- Williams took to her Instagram to call out the Spanish government, she wrote, “So the Spanish Government can only apologise to Juliet who is a white woman. But apparently Sian and myself don’t get one? Mmmm OK!! They’ve also said in their “statement” that they’ve reached out to all of us, they haven’t.”

S I Â N G R E E N-L O R D has a similar story to tell as well, her Instagram caption two back read, “Since I found out last Friday what was done with my image, my confidence has been at an all-time low with Anxiety taking the highest place! My usual self-motivating tactics failing me and I’m now left in a strange place!”

She added, “So many feelings have been brought up from the past that I thought I had locked away and I feel like I’m having to teach myself from scratch again. My leg is nothing to be ashamed of! It’s a product of strength, resilience and independence.”

The BBC report also had Arte Mapache’s apology note, which read-

“Given the — justified — controversy over the image rights in the illustration, I have decided that the best way to make amends for the damages that may have resulted from my actions is to share out the money I received for the work and give equal parts to the people in the poster. I hope to be able to solve all this as soon as possible, I accept my mistakes and that is why I am now trying to repair the damage caused”

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