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This Famous Eatery in Delhi Serves You Healthy Amritsari Kulcha With Oil-Free Chole


If the word Punjab or Amritsar is added to a meal, it has to have some extra spoonful of desi ghee and makhan. And Delhi is known for adding those extra flavours to its street foods. You will be enticed to eat it everywhere you see a touch of Punjab at any corner.

Today, we’ll take you to one such establishment, where filled and hard kulchas are served with butter and oil-free chickpeas (chole). Once you taste it, you’ll come back to this place. And if that’s become too heavy for your lunch, don’t worry they have Boondi Raita or Kulhad Wali Lassi to neutralise it.

The Amritsari Chole-Kulche concept is not new, but it has gained popularity in recent years. The SS Amritsari Kulcha Corner in Delhi NCR is a well-known example of it. When you walk from Bangalow Road to Mandelia Road in Kamla Nagar market, also known as Connaught Place, North Delhi, you will see this outlet on the first street corner.

When you get here, you’ll almost instantly stop there and take in the aroma of chole kulche.

Let us tell you that this is not the usual maida-based kulcha commonly served with dry, spicy chickpeas. It’s a stuffed tandoori paratha baked in a sizzling tandoor. Here you’ll find potatoes, potatoes-onions, cabbage, onions, mixtures, and cheese crushes.

As desired, spicy stuffing is packed within the thick flour dough. It is rolled and spread using the hand to give it a large round shape. Later, it’s dusted with dry fenugreek powder, brushed with ghee, and then placed in a hot tandoor.

Special spices are put on it after it’s taken out of the tandoor. It is served with a special chole added with some sour-sweet chutney with onions and green chillies.

It contains no oil, garlic, ginger, or onion. This usually costs between Rs 70 and Rs 100. Raita costs Rs 15. This outlet was started six years ago by Amritsar resident Tarun Sharma, who was about to leave for Canada but could not go for some reason.

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