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This Company Announces ‘Fully Paid’ Leave for Up to 1 Year; Know More


Fashion e-commerce platform Meesho, which is known to sell goods at reasonable prices, has become the talk of the town again — but this time for a different reason. As per reports, Meesho has rolled out a new ‘unlimited leave‘ policy, which will ensure that an employee gets a paid leave for up to 365 days. However, this leave policy will be applicable on select cases only, the report said.

Under the Meesho MeeCARE programme, employees of the company will be eligible to get paid leave for up to 365 days in case they or their loved ones are impacted by any critical illness, which has a requirement of frequent or constant hospitalisation. The policy will also be effective for those employees who want to take some time off to follow an individual passion or aim.

As per a report by The Economic Times, employees will be entitled to full salary payment throughout the tenure of the leave if they themselves are ill. For leaves taken to care for unwell family members, the employee will get up to 25 per cent of the salary for the time off. Apart from the compensation, the particular employee will also be eligible to receive key benefits such as contribution of provident fund, insurance, and additional medical benefits, the report said. However, for those taking the leaves for non-medical reasons, the leave will be unpaid.

Meesho’s MeeCARE programme, the one which this initiative is part of, is aimed at promoting holistic well-being of an employee and his or her family. This policy has a broad umbrella under which wellness initiatives, through a combination of policies, benefits and other interventions, are covered. Bengaluru-based Meesho has around 2,000 employees at the moment.

“We were seeing cases where employees needed long leave for pursuing personal goals, or needed extended time off if they were ill, or if a family member was critically ill. This new policy is a recognition of those needs,” Ashish Kumar Singh, CHRO at Meesho, was quoted as saying by ET.

“We don’t expect large numbers of people availing of this policy because of its nature, but we do think it’s a high-impact programme,” Singh said, as per the report.

The employees will also be eligible for appraisal cycles on the basis of their contributions over the period they were actively working, as part of the continuation of the fundamental benefits under the programme. The report said that Meesho employees will be retained at their previous designation when they will be able to return to work, after the leave. This will be done to ensure employees are able to seamlessly get back to work and resurrect their career paths. If the role is not available at the time when the employee joins, he or she will be placed in a parallel role of choice within another team.

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