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Things to Keep in Mind While Visiting an Emergency Department at Hospital


In case of medical emergencies, time plays the most crucial role. Whether a person has met with a road accident or someone suffered a heart stroke, giving timely medical attention can be life-saving.

Medical practitioners advise that patients who require urgent medical help should be rushed to the emergency department of the hospital. The Emergency ward is different from other departments of a hospital as it provides 24-hour care.

Usually, an Emergency Department has highly trained doctors and medical professionals to deal with all situations. Now, while the doctors are skilled and know how to react during such times, you must also know about the things to keep in mind.

When to rush to Emergency?

Experts suggest that one should not hesitate to visit the emergency department if one complains of heart attack, stroke, severe pain in chest, and trouble breathing. When the patient has lost consciousness due to any reason such as an accident, then he must be shifted to the Emergency ward as soon as possible.

Besides this, if one suffers an allergic reaction to something or drug overdose or poisoning, then seeking medical help ASAP becomes crucial. Women with pregnancy complications are also advised to visit the Emergency ward to avert any further severe health issues.

Before you visit the doctor

Many tend to panic in emergency situations but experts suggest that one should come prepared. These are some things that will ensure you or the patient gets the best possible treatment. Before you rush to the Emergency department, consider carrying the medical record of the patient that includes the treatments he has received so far and the medication he is taking, if any.

Medical history gives doctors insight into the patient’s health condition and apprises them of any precautions to be taken before beginning treatment.

Once discharged

Most of the patients tend to be unaware of the instructions they have to follow after leaving the hospital. It is advised that you get a print-out of the discharge instructions from the hospital and discuss them with the doctor thoroughly.

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