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These Numbers Should Motivate You to Quit Smoking Right Away


Every year, May 31 is observed as World No Tobacco Day across the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), every year, more than 8 million people die from the consumption of tobacco. Reportedly, over 7 million deaths occur from the direct use of tobacco, while about 1.2 million deaths result from exposure to its smoke.

In India, about 13.5 lakh deaths occur every year due to the consumption of tobacco products. According to WHO statistics, every year about 41,000 youth and about 400 children die due to direct or indirect exposure to tobacco smoke.

Dr Puneet Khanna, HOD of Respiratory Medicine at Manipal Hospital, Dwarka, Delhi, explains how tobacco harms our body.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDS), people who use or smoke tobacco are twice or even four times more at the risk of coronary heart disease, 2 to 4 times more at the risk of stroke, and up to 25 times more prone to lung cancer. It also causes TB and serious respiratory diseases.

How to Quit Tobacco and Smoking?

It is said that what is written on paper always motivates. So, whenever you decide to quit tobacco or cigarettes, write it on paper. Always remember the reason why you want to leave it. This will always motivate you.

If you want to quit tobacco or cigarettes, then fix a date. First of all, reduce the number of cigarettes or gutkha, etc. consumed throughout the day. Start by limiting smoking a cigarette or chewing tobacco during a walk, after tea and meals, or just in the morning.

Recognize the trigger

Management of tobacco eliminates your addiction or habit, so identify the trigger. There are two types of triggers. Track how you feel after chewing tobacco or smoking a cigarette. These are your triggers.

Some other tricks like pumpkin seeds and roasted flaxseed also help manage the addiction. Chew on toothpicks, straws or cinnamon sticks. The tricks will help control the urge for tobacco.

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