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The Silver Lining Of Dyslexia

The Silver Lining Of Dyslexia


Dyslexia is a disability that hinders daily functioning and affects the efficiency of cognitive abilities. It is difficult for dyslexic people to grasp words, be it while writing or reading them. Many people believe that dyslexia is directly proportional to a low IQ. The negative ballyhoo that the mental condition is surrounded by has overshadowed the silver lining that this condition brings along. You heard that right. Dyslexia does have its own set of strengths that may, to an extent, dilute the weaknesses that it causes.

Several studies have shown that dyslexia may heighten abilities such as critical thinking and creativity in people suffering from the condition. The evidence of this is the myriad thinkers, writers, and billionaires who have done exceptionally well in their lives despite being ridden with the condition.

Here are some of the advantages that have been witnessed in people with dyslexia:

Great Conversationalist

Reading or writing may be stunted in cases of dyslexia but having a conversation can be quite amazing. Dyslexic people are great at sensing the direction of the conversation and are cognizant of other people’s emotions and thoughts.

Critical Thinking

Logical reasoning and critical thinking are considered a strong suit among people with dyslexia. They are quick with thinking of a solution to a complex problem and can generate some very out-of-the-box ideas.

Strong Story-Centric Memory

Some people suffering from dyslexia have great recall power and can remember facts delivered to them if they have a strong sense of narrative reasoning. In some cases, they can remember a story event by event better than anybody else.


Dyslexic people have a heightened sense of curiosity. In addition, they tend to have a better understanding of intangible aspects of humans such as emotions. This gives them a unique and special view of their surroundings.

Spatial Reasoning

Many dyslexic people thrive in a dynamic environment that allows them to handle simultaneous thinking processes. They also show signs of excellent memory in terms of visual and virtual environments.

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