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Tennis Star Kinwen Zheng Lost Match Due To Period Cramps. Ways To Ease The Pain


Period cramps are something that women face every month. For some, the pain is acute. Period cramps are often unbearable on day 1. Due to these cramps, you might have to postpone an event, an important meeting and what not. Recently, China’s 19-year-old tennis player Kinwen Zheng lost a match due to period cramps. She also had a leg injury, due to which she was in severe pain.

After the match, while talking to the reporters, Kinwen said, “Yeah, the leg was also tough. That compared to the stomach was easy…I cannot play my tennis, (my) stomach was too painful.” She added, “It’s just girls’ things, you know. The first day is always so tough and then I have to do sport and I always have so much pain on the first day. And I couldn’t go against my nature. I wish I can be a man on the court, but I cannot at that moment…I really wish I can be (a) man (so) that I don’t have to suffer from this.”

If you also suffer from severe period cramps, here’s how you can ease it:

There are two major options that you can adopt to ease the period cramps. The first one is a short-term solution, in which, after consulting a doctor, you can take a painkiller, which will give you instant relief. You can also try some natural remedies like having tea with ghee. One can also use a hot water bag to get relief from acute pain.

In the long run method, one should be hydrated, as drinking less water during periods is not good for cramps. Regular exercises and playing sports can also ease period cramps in the long run.

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