Home Business Supertech Twin Tower Demolition is a Battle of 9 Years That Will End in 9 Seconds; A Timeline

Supertech Twin Tower Demolition is a Battle of 9 Years That Will End in 9 Seconds; A Timeline

Supertech Twin Tower Demolition is a Battle of 9 Years That Will End in 9 Seconds; A Timeline


Noida Twin Towers Demolition: In just a few hours, the 100-metre tall twin towers at Noida built by Supertech will be demolished, as the company had built them illegally. The Noida twin towers are set to be demolished at 2:30 pm on Sunday, August 28, by officials of Edifice Engineering — the company that got the contract to do the job. The two towers — Apex and Ceyanne — will be reduced to dust in just nine seconds, taking with them a battle of nine years by residents who fought for their rights and ultimately won.

Here is a Timeline of the Entire Supertech Twin Tower Demolition Case:

November 2004: The New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (NOIDA) allots a plot of land to realty firm Supertech Ltd. in Sector 93A for the construction of a housing society, which came to be known as the Emerald Court.

2005: The plan of the building gets sanctioned this year under the New Okhla Industrial Development Area Building Regulations and Directions, 1986. With this, the builder gets permission construct a total of 14 towers with ten floors each, which should be within a height of 37 meters.

June 2006: Supertech gets additional land allotted for construction under the same conditions.

November 2009: Plan revised again to include two more towers in the society. The construction of Apex and Ceyanne begins, and the twin towers are set to have 24 floors each.

March 2012: Total number of floors in Apex and Ceyanne increases to 40 each, as opposed to the original plan. Supertech argues that this was under the 2010 Noida building regulations.

December 2012: The Emerald Court Owners Residents Welfare Association moves Allahabad High Court. The members of the association claim that the towers violated the UP Apartment Owners Act, 2010, which mandates the sanction of homebuyers for any changes in the plan. The members further say that the twin towers crept up on an area marked as a garden in the original brochure. The homebuyers further tell the courts that the towers were constructed at less than at a distance of less than 16 metres between them, which further violated the mandate.

April 2014: Allahabad High Court orders demolition of the Noida twin towers. It also asks Supertech to refund the money to the homebuyers with 14 per cent interest. The court further observes that the officials of Noida Authority colluded with Supertech to construct the tower. The twin towers are now sealed.

August 31, 2021: Supreme Court quashes Supertech’s plea to overturn the high court order, and upholds the 2014 order. Twin towers now set to be demolished within three months. Despite this, demolition gets delayed for almost a year.

February 2022: Noida authorities tell SC that demolition work has begun and is likely to be completed by May 22.

May 17, 2022: SC extends the deadline to demolish the Supertech Twin towers and makes it August 28.

August 12: SC again extends deadline, this time giving a window till September 4. However, demilition company Edifice Engineering says the Noida twin towers will be demolished on August 28 itself.

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