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Sound of Rain, Wet Mud Aroma and All Things Good

Sound of Rain, Wet Mud Aroma and All Things Good


An extensive shoreline with tranquil beaches, quiet stretches of emerald backwaters, lush green hill stations and an array of unusual fauna, where else but, in the God’s Own Country, Kerala.

Through the wet palm leaves, you can see golden flecks of gentle sunlight. In Kerala, unlike other places in the world, it doesn’t rain continuously, so you can experience the intermittent brightness or the chilly darkness of the monsoon all in the same day. Therefore, one can fully appreciate the lively culture and lush forests that come to life during the monsoon season. Typically, the hottest temperatures fall between 29 and 23 degrees Celsius. So one of the best times to visit Kerala is undoubtedly during the monsoon season.

Onam, which falls around this time of year, is one of the most important festivals in Kerala. Being in Kerala during the harvest festival known as Onam is thrilling. You can experience Kerala’s rich cultural history through traditional dances like Kathakali and Mohiniyattam, the world’s oldest martial art, Kalaripayattu, decked elephants, flowers, traditional games, and grand feasts, colloquially known as the “onam sadya.” Thiru Onam, which this year falls on September 8, is the culmination of ten or more days of festivities. The celebrated Snake Boat Race, also known as Vallamkali, takes place on the Pampa River as part of the festivities.The villagers cheering on their favourite team along the river’s banks as hundreds of oarsmen vie to finish the race first is definitely a feast for the eyes of onlookers! As the mob chants “Arppo Irro,” you can literally witness the beauty and the tremendous enthusiasm of the people there.

The monsoon season is the perfect time to take the waterfalls’ full grandeur. The beautiful, rushing Athirapally Falls is a sight to see. As the “Indian Niagara Falls,” it goes by several names. One can never forget the iconic “Barso re” song from the Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan film Guru, which was filmed here with the sound of the rustling forest leaves serving as the background. Therefore, Kerala during the monsoon season is undoubtedly the nicest experience anyone has ever had.

Athirapilly Falls
Athirapilly Falls, Kerala

This is also the season that sees a large influx of travellers from around the world travel to Kerala for Ayurvedic treatments. Over a thousand years of  Ayurveda on the Kerala coast have led to a world slowly becoming aware of its contemporary applications. The traditional Ayurvedic practises state that the monsoon season is the ideal time to undergo these treatments. Because of the ideal weather—wet, chilly, and free of dust—the therapy will be more effective. It’s equally crucial for the body to rest after therapy, so you may enjoy the cool, lovely monsoon season as your body heals in bliss.

An wonderful location to experience the magic of the monsoons are the lush green hills of Mattupetty! Best renowned for its dam and lovely lake, this hill station nestled in the Idukki highlands is a popular tourist destination. It will be a beautiful, tranquil trip with some wonderful hikes to witness gushing waterfalls, or you can stay indoors and observe the mist-covered hills as the rain pours down to heal the ground.

The beauty of Mattupetty
The beauty of Mattupetty

We probably don’t need to introduce you to Kerala’s beaches. The city of Alleppey is known as the “Venice of the East” because to its breathtaking backwaters. Varkala beach offers to rediscover the Goan hippy vibe. Swim across the crystal clear waters at Bekal Beach while admiring the majestic vista of the towering Bekal fort, and don’t forget about that melody from Maniratnam’s Bombay while you’re there. Or you may simply head to Cherai Beach in Kochi to witness the breathtaking sunset illuminate the golden beaches of the shore and not miss how the fisherman cast the ‘cheenavalas‘ (chinese fishing nets) out to sea in in search of the finest fish.

The Chinese fishing nets also known as Cheenavalas
The Chinese fishing nets also known as Cheenavalas

Without taking a backwater sail, a monsoon trip to Kerala isn’t complete. To mention is the authentic South Indian food, as well as a variety of aquatic creatures including otters, turtles, and crabs and stunning birds like kingfishers that inhabit the area. You are also blessed with the local delicacies such as toddy and fish fries which is best enjoyed while cruising and relaxing your way down the backwaters. With lush foliage all around, the rain only enhances the charm!

Isn’t the monsoon the perfect weather to visit Kerala?

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