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Six Different Types of Rice Produced in India


Rice is one of the most consumed foods in India. It not only fills the stomach but also provides enough energy to the body. You can consume rice in the form of biryani, pulao, idli, kheer and so on. It is mostly consumed in South India and the eastern region of the country. Interestingly, India is the largest producer and exporter of rice in the world. Being the largest rice producer, we have different varieties of rice available in the market. Check out the list here.

  1. Basmati Rice
    Yes, this has to be on the list and probably you might know this one, because of the love you have for biryani. This long-grain rice is produced in Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Punjab. A longer shelf life, fluffy texture and taste make it the best option.
  2. Mogra Rice
    This is one of the cheapest options available in the market. Mogra means jasmine in Hindi, as the name suggests this rice is very aromatic and contains a high amount of starch. Mogra rice is enjoyed across the country.
  3. Gobindobhog Rice
    Gobindobhog rice has a special place in every Bengali’s heart. The grain is not long as basmati rice, however, has a unique texture, taste and aroma.
  4. Indrayani Rice
    This rice variety is cultivated in the western region of Maharashtra. It is a hybrid variety of Ambemohar rice. The rice is used to prepare plain rice, Masale Bhat, Vaangri Bhat etc.
  5. Palakkadan Matta
    Produced in the Palakkad district in Kerala, it is commonly known as Matta Rice. This rice can be used in making appam, idli and dosas. It is believed that Palakkadan Matta used to be the royal cuisine during the period of the Chera and Chola dynasties.
  6. Black Rice
    Locally, the black rice is known as Chak Hao Amubi in Manipur. Black rice is usually consumed in Manipur and Tamil Nadu, especially during celebrations, ceremonial and community feasts.

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