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Sex During Pregnancy- Is It Safe Or Not?

Sex During Pregnancy- Is It Safe Or Not?


Pregnancy brings joy and excitement to the would-be parents but it also carries with it some amount of confusion regarding certain issues. Particularly for women who are expecting their first child, there may be an array of queries or doubts during their journey. One of them is certainly whether it is ok to have sex during pregnancy. However, if you are sceptical about succumbing to your urges due to your baby’s safety concerns, we have your back, telling you all you need to know.

Sex does not harm the baby

Some people think that having sex or having an orgasmic experience while pregnant could harm the unborn child or increase the likelihood of miscarriage. However, in a healthy pregnancy, this does not take place. At any point in a typical pregnancy, sex will not cause harm to the unborn child.

Can sex trigger labor pain?

There are also concerns that sex during pregnancy can cause premature labor. According to several reports, vaginal sex during pregnancy will not increase the risk of preterm labor or early birth. However, in certain cases where a patient might be at high risk, the doctor may advise against engaging in sexual activity throughout the pregnancy or in the later stages.

Should you avoid certain positions?

As the trimesters go on, various positions could be more or less pleasant. Therefore, pick the option that best suits you. Especially for people who used to restrict themselves or were worried because they didn’t want to become pregnant earlier, sex might become more liberated and exciting during this period. There is no right or wrong way to have sex when pregnant because it will not harm the baby.

Should you use protection

Serious health issues for both you and your unborn child can result from having a sexually transmitted illness while you are pregnant. If your partner has an active or recently discovered STD, avoid all types of intercourse, including vaginal, oral, and anal.

When to avoid sex during pregnancy

If you have a high risk of premature labor, you should refrain from having sex while pregnant. In addition, you should stop and see your physician if you suffer any typical pain with sex while pregnant. Avoid having sex if you suffer bleeding after having sex and visit your obstetrician-gynaecologist immediately.

(Disclaimer: The content in this article is based on information from several websites/media reports. News18 does not guarantee 100% accuracy of the facts. Seek medical attention for any queries or best treatment.)

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