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Say Goodbye To Frizziness! Reap These Benefits Of Microfibre Towel

Say Goodbye To Frizziness! Reap These Benefits Of Microfibre Towel


Is there anything that a microfiber cloth can’t do? It can clean a surface better than any other cloth. It is safe for removing dirt from electronic gadgets without any scratches.

Not only this, microfibre towels are good for wiping the face after facewash and are gentle and ultra-soft for the hair. Interesting, right? Read ahead to know more about the incredible cloth.

Microfiber cloths are made of polyester and nylon. This fabric is significantly more absorbent. This is one of the reasons that these towels have entered the beauty industry as well.

Microfiber towels also prevent hair damage and frizziness and are beneficial for hair maintenance.

Here’s how these towels are a game changer for your hair

Quick Drying
The small size of fibres in the towel makes it denser and helps in drying the hair faster, and prevents agitated hair cuticles.

Goodbye frizz
Rubbing your hair dry with a normal towel will create frizz and tangles making it untamable. Wrap your hair in a microfiber towel, as it is snug and superabsorbent and prevents frizz.

No shedding
In a normal towel, you would notice that the fibres are curved and hooped. It is done to create a plump and soft towel. However, with use, these towels lose their fibres rapidly and you will find hints of it in your washing machine. The same happens with your hair. With prolonged use, the fibres will stick to your hair. Microfiber cloth does not shed fibres and is an excellent alternative.

Rock the turban
The turban wrap to dry hair is quite popular. But a microfiber towel turban makes the drying quick and is light in weight instead of the traditional towels that sit heavy on the head.

Tames the curls
Curly hair has a tendency to retain moisture from water. If water is left for too long in the tresses, it can harm them. A microfiber towel tames the curls, keeps the bounciness intact, and absorbs the water from the roots.

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