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Sahaj Yoga Is a Universal Religion, It Gives You Peace: Pradeep Chauhan


On World Yoga Day we speak to Sh. Pradeep Chauhan, Vice Chairman, The Life Eternal Trust Delhi. Chauhan explains to us the aspects of yoga unknown to many i.e through Kundalini awakening. He adds that Sahaj Yoga is biggest gift to humanity and lakhs of people around the world have benefitted from this. Excerpts from an interview.

  1. Mr. Pradeep Chauhan you have been practicing Sahaj Yoga for many years. How do you view your transformation?
    Sahaj Yoga is nothing but awakening of Kundalini which is the storehouse of power and a primordial Mother. As a primordial mother she gives you self realisation, she nourishes you and you get the state of thoughtless awareness. Sahaj Yoga is the biggest gift of Her Holiness Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi to mankind. Personally, I have seen complete transformation in myself and on daily basis we are observing how people from all walks of life are benefitted from Sahaj Yoga.
  2. How one can get self realisation? What is the process?
    Sahaj Yoga Is a universal religion. We have Kundalini which is our own and personal and She is our primordial mother or we can say mother from ages. She knows everything about us. For awakening we don’t have to do anything, we just have to request the God we worship (from any religion or country) to give us self realisation and we will instantly get it. After that, you are in the state of Nirvichar Samadhi or thoughtless awareness. Once we are in the state of thoughtless awareness we are connected to all pervading power of god. Then he takes over and that is the beginning of spirituality.
    Pradeep Chauhan says Sahaj Yoga is the biggest gift of Her Holiness Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi.
    Pradeep Chauhan says Sahaj Yoga is the biggest gift of Her Holiness Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi.
  3. In first question you replied that this is the gift of Her Holiness Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi. She was an Indian and follower of Hindu religion. Can a Muslim, Jew or Christian follow it without any hesitation?
    Look, as I said, this is a universal religion. We have our own Kundalini and this Kundalini passes through our 7 chakras. These chakras are evolved during different stages of human evolution and represent different deities. Universally, human being is one with one Kundalini and seven Chakras. Bifurcation of religion happened in different stages of human lives and we never consolidated our religious knowledge to understand that every region is same. But time has come when we should take this forward and use it for our benefit and benefit of the whole world.
  4. How can the world benefit from Sahaj Yoga?
    Sahaj Yoga gives you peace, forces you to love another person automatically. When you are peaceful and want to love another human being where is the fight? Today we are fighting for our territorial rights, airspace, waterways and disruption in other lives is the main purpose. Around the world, security agencies are funding different people to create disruptions. But they are not gaining anything. Sahaj Yoga is the only solution for world peace, inner peace and emancipation of human being.
  5. I read that it cures mental and physical diseases too. Can you elaborate that?
    Once Kundalini is awakened, the first and foremost thing is we become one with divine and divine takes over. The immediate impact is mind becomes peaceful and human being comes into balance. Your nervous system reacts positively to this awakening. With this peace you can sleep better, think better and behave positively. All three are important components of human life and they affect your home, society, country and the world. Inner peace is important prerequisite of peace in the world.
  6. You said this is a universal religion. Is this practiced only in India or globally?
    Sahaj Yoga is practiced all over the world. More than 100 countries are following Sahaj Yoga and we have lakhs of Sahaj Yogis. In India alone we have 1200 Sahaj Yoga centres and almost five lakh people follow this. They are spreading this message of love and peace to the whole world. This year is the 100th birthday celebration year of Her Holiness Mataji Nirmala Devi and celebrations have alraedy begun. It is named Shri Adi Shakti Janam Shataabdi Mahotsav Varsh. During this, we will tell people about the Kundalini awakening and all over the world we will go to public to tell them about this hidden power in us. And on March 19th 2023, we will do a big public program in Delhi with lakhs of people and we are hopeful that millions will get their self realisation. Today is an important day when India is celebrating Yoga Day. We’re taking this opportunity to inform people about this beautiful gift of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi to mankind.
  7. This is free or does one have to pay?
    This is an immediate process and happens instantly provided that you have a pure desire. Sahaj Yoga practice and Kundalini awakening is absolutely free and easy. Sahaj Yoga tells you the importance of collectivity and one day you realise that you have a much bigger world where there is no Indo- Pak, Indo- China or US- Russia tension. Sahaj Yogis from all countries are meeting with love and staying together for days. They meditate to achieve one common goal. To know more about it you can visit our website- or visit our centres happening across India and rest of the world.

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