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Red Fort Decked Up in Tricolours, Flowers and Murals

Red Fort Decked Up in Tricolours, Flowers and Murals


On the 75th Independence day, the Red Fort in the national capital was all decked up in tricolours, flowers and murals depicting key events that led up to India’s freedom.

To mark the celebration, flower petals were showered by MI-17 helicopters for the first time at the Red Fort just ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech.

The entrance of the Red Fort was guarded by two mechanised elephants operated by a man sitting inside each of them which became a big draw for people who were seen clicking selfies with them after the programme ended.

A bunch of tricolour balloons were also released in the air from the Red Fort, after the Prime Minister’s speech ended.

For the first time in 75 years, an indigenously developed howitzer gun was also used during the 21-gun salute at the Red Fort.

NCC cadets were dressed in their respective state’s traditional attire and were seated at the ’Gyan path’ enclosure of the Red Fort forming the Indian map.

Before leaving the premises, the Prime Minister also took a stroll around the area where the NCC cadets were seated and interacted with them. In a spirited way, scores of people gathered outside the 17th century Mughal monument wearing tricolour caps and holding national flags.

A total of 792 NCC cadets (Army, Navy and Air Force) from different schools across the country took part in the festival. Speaking about their experience of the Independence day celebrations at the Red Fort, NCC cadet from West Bengal, Akash Jana said that they were thrilled to meet the Prime Minister after the programme.

”We have been in Delhi for the last 15 days for this programme. This was a huge opportunity for us and I hope we get to attend such programmes again. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech was very inspiring for all of us,” Akash said. Another NCC cadet from Punjab, Harpreet Kaur said that it was an exciting experience to attend the celebrations at the Red Fort.

”I loved the part when the MI-17 helicopters showered flower petals and also, when the balloons were released in the air. It was a very exciting experience,” Kaur said. Addressing the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort after hoisting the tricolour, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the nation to develop hatred towards corruption and those indulging in that vice, and towards nepotism to move towards a new India with a firm resolve.

He also urged the people to take five pledges in the next 25 years — making India a developed nation, removing every trace of bondage, taking pride in the country’s heritage, unity, and fulfilling their duties.

Modi said gender equality is the key to a united India as he stressed the need to extend support to ’Nari Shakti’, adding respect for women is an important pillar for India’s growth.

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