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Reasons Your Child Has Still Not Started Walking; Here’s What You Must Do


One of the best moments in parents’ life is when their toddler takes their first steps. Watching your baby walk for the first time is an image almost engraved in your mind. However, for some, this joy comes a little later than usual.

Babies usually start walking a few months after a year but when it is past that and they are still not walking, parents get concerned about the baby’s physical development and health. Let us discuss the reasons why your kid might be taking slightly longer to walk and what you can do immediately.


Weather plays an important role. Children are most likely to start walking in summer.

Ill health or genetic disease

If the baby suffers from some ill health or has inherited some genetic disease, they may not start walking like other kids. It is recommended to consult a doctor if your baby is not walking past a year of birth.

Excessive care and pampering

Your toddler will not learn to walk if you are not letting them. If you always carry them in your lap or confine them to a cradle, it may hinder their ability to pick up walking.

You can try the following measures to make your baby walk:

Massage daily

Massage the hands and feet of children every day tenderly and with care. This will make their limbs strong and enable them to carry the weight of the body while walking. Use a good messaging oil prescribed by your doctor.

Encourage them to walk

You can buy a battery-operated toy like a car that will move around and encourage your child to follow the toy around by walking. You can also hold a toy in your hand and call your baby to walk up to you.

Get your baby a walker

A walker will make the first few steps easier for your baby.

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