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Opt Greece-Inspired Theme For Your Big Day

Opt Greece-Inspired Theme For Your Big Day


At the mention of Greece, the first that pops into our mind are its scintillating beauty. A popular tourist, honeymoon, and wedding destination, Greece is considered to be one of the most romantic places in the world.

Captivating islands, different hues of blue, sumptuous cuisine, olive leaves, a neutral white colour scheme, and gorgeous sculptures and stone pillars, Greece has all the unique elements to adorn your wedding.

So, if you’re planning to host a Greek-inspired wedding or tie the knot in Greece, then this post is for you.

Olive Leaves
Olive leaves are very popular in Greek culture. Few brides choose to wear crowns of olive leaves during the wedding ceremony which gives them an angelic look. You can opt for an olive motif throughout your different wedding stationery, cakes and decor.

Greek Sculptures
You can include some intricately designed sculptures and stone pillars that resemble ancient ruins. Add fake statues and pillars that will be pocket-friendly and easy to use, while creating an ultimate Grecian wedding.

White and Blue Colors
Famous for their beautiful white and blue architecture; these have become symbols of Greek islands. So, include these simple and elegant colours in the wedding. You will easily find many decorative pieces, tableware, and table accessories for your Greek wedding saga.

Greek Food
Greek cuisine is famous for its various tastes and that will impress your guests at the wedding. Include Greek salads, Taramasalata, Moussaka, Dolmades, etc, and impress your guests. Greek cuisine has infiltrated many restaurants around the globe.

Golden Leaves Crown
You can add golden laurel leaves crown and wedding accessories. After all, gold always adds some glitz and elegance and gives you the Greek-inspired look.

Greek Wedding Dances
Dance is a form of merriment at joy at every event. No matter what kind of wedding and ritual you are following, dance will be integral. And what better than adding Greek wedding dances to celebrate your wedding?

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