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Not Just Laughing, Here’s How Crying Is Equally Good For Health


You must have heard umpteen times that laughing is good for your health. But have you ever heard that crying is almost equally good? We have often heard people say that you should not cry, for “it’s a sign of weakness”.

Perhaps that is why men avoid shedding tears and crying even when they are hurt. Women mostly cry and are considered emotionally weak, but we do not have control over tears. Crying can be a sign of being emotional, but not weak.

Just as laughing wholeheartedly is said to be good for health, crying and letting your tears out is also equally important for the body and mind. Just as sweat and urine release many toxins from the body, tears also function similarly.

Types of tears:

Involuntary tears: These tears come out involuntarily when you face direct sunlight and dust or smoke.

Basic tears: These are 98 per cent watery and very good for the eyes, as they protect you from infection.

Emotional tears: The biggest concentration of hormones, emotions, and stress is found in emotional tears.

Crying makes you feel better in several ways:

Your body releases stress hormones along with tears when you cry for emotional or stressful reasons, it decreases your stress.

Your tears do not allow the membrane present in the eyes to dry up, which is responsible for eyesight, so the eyesight remains fine for a longer period.

The easiest approach to relax and uplift oneself from any sadness is to cry.

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