Home Business ‘No CNG Sale’ in Delhi Today as Delhi Petrol Dealers Association Calls For Protest; Know Details

‘No CNG Sale’ in Delhi Today as Delhi Petrol Dealers Association Calls For Protest; Know Details

‘No CNG Sale’ in Delhi Today as Delhi Petrol Dealers Association Calls For Protest; Know Details


CNG Pumps to Remain Shut in Delhi Today: Delhi Petrol Dealers Association (DPDA) has decided to not sell Compressed Natural Gas or CNG on Wednesday, August 10 in the national capital. In a letter to Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL), the largest CNG distribution company of the country, DPDA president Anurag Narain wrote last month, “We have decided to go for no CNG sale on 10th August from 6 am to 10 pm as a mark of protest.” The association said that the delay in reimbursement of electricity bills to the CNG dealers of Delhi by IGL, had prompted them to take this stringent step. “DPDA is forced to take this step due to reluctance shown by IGL to pay the actual electricity reimbursement of CNG facilities to the dealers of Delhi who are incurring huge financial losses every month,” DPDA president wrote.

Delhi Petrol Dealers’ Association said that IGL is not agreeing to reimburse the actual electricity charges consumed by the dealers in dispensing CNG. “Dealers across Delhi waited patiently for two years and followed all the instructions given by IGL and OMCs to install separate sub-meters, get them calibrated and make system for online readings. However we regret to say that officers of IGL created hurdles all along the process and after wasting two years not to mention dealer’s money on sub-meters, made us realise that the whole process will never be completed,” DPDA wrote in the letter.

“IGL perhaps realise that they are giving far less than the actual cost of electricity and they want to delay it as much as possible and eventually not give the actual rate of electricity charges,” the association of petrol dealers mentioned.

“On 2nd March 2022 around 70 dealers met the SLC and IGL officials on the said issue wherein dealers were assured solution within a month. IGL, thereafter in the month of April discussed with us that the actual consumption has been derived at by studying the consumption of the discom meters with a formular wherein any change in the discom charges will be immediately incorporated… It is appalling that IGL did not fulfill that promise of April 2022 which cases serious doubts about their intention,” DPDA further mentioned in the letter.

DPDA further demanded that the electricity charges should be remimbursed on derived rates based on current discom electricity and arrears be given from August 1, 2019 as agreed between IGL and OMCs. They also asked that the rates should be revised in every three months.

“DPDA resolves to continue the agitation if our rightful and justified demands are not met,” it added.

There has been a constant rise in prices of compressed natural gas since April 2022. Rising input cost and depreciating rupee pushed the CNG prices in the country. Currently, CNG costs Rs 75.61 per kg in the national capital.

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