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No, Blusher And Highlighter Are Not The Same; Here’s What You Must Know


We often get confused about things in our makeup kit. Blusher and highlighter are among such products. During makeup, we use blusher or highlighter on the upper cheeks, centre forehead, chin and inner corner of the eyes. But some of us mistake them for one and the same thing. However, blusher and highlighter are very different from each other, and they also serve different purposes.

What is the difference between blusher and highlighter?

Using a blusher

Blusher is used on the cheeks during makeup. It enhances the face by making the cheeks glow. There are many shades of blusher available in the market. You can use these colours to get the best look by choosing a blusher according to your skin type.

Using a highlighter

Highlighter is also a common makeup product women use. It can be used on the upper cheeks as well as the forehead, chin, and eye corners. Similar to a blusher, a highlighter is also available in different colour shades. You can choose the shades of highlighter keeping in mind your dress. Highlighter is used to highlight certain light points on the face such as cheekbones, cupid’s bow, nose and forehead. It gives these areas a definition.

Difference in form

Blusher usually comes in cream or powder form. At the same time, apart from the cream and powder, a highlighter is also available in liquid form.

What to use first?

During makeup, women often apply blusher and highlighter together due to the lack of information. However, to get the best makeup look, it is better to apply a highlighter only after applying a blusher.


Blusher and highlighter are both helpful in giving a fresh look to your face. While blusher makes your cheeks glow, highlighter gives more definition to the part of the face you apply it to. Together, they create a look that makes you feel young and beautiful.

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