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Nirjala Ekadashi 2022: Significance and Puja Samagari


Nirjala Ekadashi Vrat is observed every year on Ekadashi Tithi of Shukla Paksha of Jyeshtha month. The fast is kept to worship water during the summer season. It is believed that by worshipping water during the Jyeshtha month, the Sun’s effect gets lighter.

Jyeshtha Ekadashi is also known as Pandava Ekadashi or Bhimseni Ekadashi. During this day, people do not consume even a drop of water. The fast is said to be one of the hardest and auspicious ones for believers of Hinduism. There is another religious belief which says that ones who keep this fast are carried away by angels to heaven on the Pushpak Vahan after their death.

Nirjala Ekadashi Vrat 2022: Date and Timings

According to the Panchang, the Shukla Paksha Ekadashi Tithi of Jyeshtha month will start at 07:25 am on June 10 and will be in effect till 05:45 am on June 11. The fast will be kept on June 10 this year.

Nirjala Ekadashi Vrat 2022: Significance

According to mythological tales, by observing Nirjala Ekadashi fast and worshipping Lord Vishnu on this day, all the sins, sorrows, and sufferings disappear from your life. Due to the virtuous effect of this fast, a person gets a place in heaven after death. Devotees should donate food, clothes, and other things to the needy on this day to impress the lord.

Pooja Samagri:

Idol or picture of Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi
Coconut with water
Yellow flowers, yellow clothes, fruits
Panchamrit, Tulsi leaves (don’t offer to Goddess Lakshmi)
Incense, Deep
Paan leaves, betel nut, cardamom, clove
Akshat, sandalwood, ghee, kumkum, turmeric
Sweets or other offerings
Book of Nirjala Ekadashi fasting story

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