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Mukesh Ambani Lists 10 Tenets of Building Reliance’s Leadership Capital

Mukesh Ambani Lists 10 Tenets of Building Reliance’s Leadership Capital


RIL AGM 2022: Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries Limited, on Monday listed 10 tenets of building the company’s leadership capital at present, and in the future. He said that this philosophy was inspired by his father and RIL’s founder Dhirubhai Ambani’s mindset. Ambani was speaking at the 45th annual general meeting of RIL, where he made a bunch of announcements.

“We have collectively succeeded in growing Reliance from strength to strength only because each one of us in the leadership team has internalised founder’s mindset,” Ambani said addressing shareholders virtually.

Explaining the ‘founder’s mindset’, Ambani said, “It means working incessantly to preserve and further enrich the purpose, philosophy and passion of Dhirubhai
Ambani. I would like to state this philosophy in terms of 10 tenets of building our unique leadership capital — now and in future.

Here are the 10 tenets of leadership capital that Mukesh Ambani listed today:

People Capital – “Reliance’s greatest strength is our human assets, not just our financial assets. The greatest value creators are brains, not machines, Ambani said.

Technology and Innovation Capital – “In this age of exponential change, mastering latest technologies is not an option. It’s an imperative for survival and disruptive growth,” he added.

Capability Capital – “Reliance judges its leaders by their expertise to plan, execute, review and improve. Indeed, New India needs leaders whose capability must always exceed the complexity of the problem they are expected to solve,” said the RIL chairman.

Achievement Capital – “Reliance rewards and honours achievers who exceed expectations. Aiming low is not acceptable,” noted the business mogul.

Relationship Capital – “We fully understand that people are not robots and money is not the sole motivation that drives them to deliver peak performance. Healthy inter-personal relations create happy organisations,” he said.

Trust Capital – “Reliance places highest value on trustworthy people. For organisations as well as individuals, there is no better way to earn respect than to be trustworthy,” Ambani noted.

Co-operation Capital – “This means 1 plus 1 becomes 11 when people co-operate and teams collaborate. It’s an integral part of our SOP,” the RIL boss told shareholders.

Empathy Capital – “The world is increasingly coming round to realise that powers of the heart are superior to powers of a cold rational mind. compassionate capitalism needs compassionate leaders,” said Ambani.

Integrity Capital – “Honesty and uprightness are non-negotiable principles at Reliance,” he added.

Community Engagement Capital– “Lastly, we recognise that serving the community that supports and sustains us is our Corporate Moral Responsibility, not just a legal Corporate Social Responsibility,” Ambani said.

Reliance has made all-around progress across its businesses and it has become India’s first corporate to cross $100 billion in annual revenues. He has announced Jio 5G services and said it will be available in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai by Diwali. Reliance will also launch its FMCG business this year.

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