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Mandir Decor Ideas For Your Home

Mandir Decor Ideas For Your Home


Everywhere in the nation, Janmashtami is observed to commemorate the anniversary of Lord Krishna’s birth. On August 18 and 19, this year, Krishna Janmashtami will be observed. Devotees prepare delicious foods and decorate inside temples as they enthusiastically commemorate the day.
If you’re unsure of how to decorate Lord Krishna’s jhula or which outfits to choose for the Lord, we’ve got you covered.

The following are five themes you can use for the decorations:

1) Floral:  Floral You can use marigold, rose, and other vividly coloured flowers. We encourage the use of marigolds in decorations because they add brightness and a fragrant freshness to the space. Marigold garlands can be put on the temple’s walls as well. You may also build a rangoli with flower petals.

2) Vrindavan: On Janmashtami, you can recreate the Vrindavan scene in your temple with miniature cows, cottages, trees, swigs, and people. Dress up any children you may have in your home as young Krishna.

3) Makhan Matki: We all know that Lord Krishna adores makhan (butter), hence Janmashtami celebrations must include it. Paint a matki (pot) in a variety of bright hues. Additionally, you can adorn it with glitter and glass. A bansuri (flute) can be made at home or purchased. Place the matki in your temple after filling it with makhan.

4) Govardhan Parvat: It is a well-known legend that Lord Krishna used his finger to lift the Govardhan Parvat. Challenge your artistic abilities this Janmashtami and recreate the scene in your temple as well. Making a hill out of cardboard or thermocol sheets and placing it on the finger of your Krishna figure is all that is required. To put under the slope, you can also cut out some human figurines.

5) Radhe-Krishna: The love story between Radha and Krishna endures forever. So what’s holding you back from attending this year’s Janmashtami festival in the colour of love? Ras-Leela from Vrindavan can be replicated as well. Put lovely clothes and flowers on your Radha and Krishna statues.

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