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Malaysian Man Gets Bitten by Python on His Buttocks Inside Toilet


It was a usual day for a Malaysian man when he went to use the toilet and took his phone with him to play games. Little did he know that a reptile was lurking inside his toilet seat. As he sat to relive himself, 28-year-old Sabri Tazali was bitten by a python on his buttocks.

He shared about the incident through a Twitter post. According to Malaysian newspaper The Star, Tazali used to spend 15 minutes playing games on his mobile while using the loo. However, that day, when Tazali stood up from the toilet seat, he found out that a snake had caught hold of one of his buttocks.

Terrified, heinstantly freed himself from the reptile and hurled it on the wall. “When I wanted to open the door, I panicked, so I accidentally smashed the door,” Tazali was quoted as saying.

The python had bitten Tazali on his buttocks but he heaved a sigh of relief upon learning that it was not venomous. The man shared several pictures of the incident on Twitter where the python is seen coiled up in a corner inside the toilet.

After getting bitten, Tazali called the fire and rescue department who rushed to the scene and captured the reptile. Tazali went to a hospital where he was treated for the bite and given an anti-tetanus injection.

Reportedly, the bite did not cause any pain for Tazali but two weeks later, he discovered teeth fragments that the snake had left in his buttocks. He said that while checking his wounds, he saw “half of the snake’s teeth” in it. According to him, the teeth might have broken as he yanked the snake while trying to escape.

The incident left Tazali in trauma and compelled him to use the toilet of a nearby mosque rather than the one in his home. Now, the family has changed the toilet seat while the damaged bathroom door was also changed.

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