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Light Up Your Balcony for an At-Home Date Night

Light Up Your Balcony for an At-Home Date Night


After living in a stay-at-home world for almost two years, our work-life has become hectic again. The new normal still keeps us busy and on toes all through the day, making it challenging to step out for some relaxing time with our special someone. If you are yearning to watch some movie or series and eat and sip from the comforts of your home, how about you spruce up your balcony for a date night?

Depending upon your style and budget, here are some ideas to deck up your balcony for a comfortable and romantic retreat.

Lighting: Lights play a significant role in creating a perfect mood. Light up some tea-light candles to set the romantic tone of the date night. You can add bulbs or fairy lights for a dreamy glow. You can check for outdoor lighting options as well. Set up a table and chairs, and add some flowers.

Lighting is very important for setting the right mood

Scents: Fragrances hit the right nerves undoubtedly. It adds to the sensual experience. From wearing a good perfume to using scented sticks or aromatic oils in diffusers, certain and can put you in a romantic mood.

Scented candles
A big yes to scented candles as fragrances hit the right nerves.

Pillows and Rugs: If you want to do away with table and chair set-up, or if there are space constraints, you can spread out a rug and add some pillows and cushions to make your date night snug and cosy. Add some string lights to bring charm to your date night.

Pillows and rugs
A beautiful natual Bohemian style balcony decorated with pillows and rugs

Privacy: Having a date night on your balcony might invite your neighbours’ curious attention. You can maintain privacy with your partner by installing wooden blinds or shutters.

Accessories: Bring in the greens to add more to the romantic ambience. Place some potted plants near the entrance or the railings. Add low folding tables to keep your phones, plates, or a laptop.

Bohemian Touch: Every decor with a bohemian touch makes the place look chic and romantic. If you like wall hangings, you can add a macrame wall hanging to the wall with some fairy lights around it. A dream catcher can also make your love spot look sensual and romantic.

Food and Drinks: Bring out your fancy dishes and glassware. Set up a table to keep your food and drinks on. Meanwhile, your loved one and you can Netflix and Chill or lie down, gaze at the stars, and have a conversation.

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