Home Business Know All About Traffic Diversions And Metro Timings In Noida On August 28

Know All About Traffic Diversions And Metro Timings In Noida On August 28

Know All About Traffic Diversions And Metro Timings In Noida On August 28


Supertech Twin Tower Demolition: All plans are in place for the demolition of the Supertech’s 40-storey twin towers at the Emerald Court project, located in Noida. The Supreme Court had on August 12 allowed an extended deadline of August 28 with a bandwidth of seven days until September 4 to demolish the 103-metre-tall twin towers — Apex and Ceyanne. The towers are set to be razed at 2:30 pm sharp on Augusr 28, Sunday. Evacuation plans for residents, traffic roadmaps and managing the aftermath of the Noida twin tower demolition have been chalked out already.

Here is What we Know About the Plans Regarding Noida Supertech Twin Tower Demolition

Traffic Management

The Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, which is close to the twin towers, will remain unavailable for vehicular movement from 2.15 pm to 2.45 pm on August 28, the plan showed. The metro will also remain shut for half an hour. Fire tenders, ambulances, etc, required for emergency services, shall be parked on the road constructed behind the park in front of the twin towers. Two kilometres radius of the Supertech twin towers will be closed completely on the demolition day, and only emergency vehicles will be allowed in the evacuation zone.

“Traffic planning is in the final stages. A few days ago, the road in front of the twin towers was closed. All roads connected to it will be closed on the day of the demolition,” Noida DCP Traffic Ganesh Shah said ahead of the demolition.

“We have planned diversion of traffic during the demolition hours. No vehicular movement will be allowed near the site. An emergency plan has been prepared to tackle any untoward situation,” he added.

Residents to Evacuate Area

As per reports, several residents of the adjoining area have left their homes already, while a bunch of others are packing up to leave. More than 5,000 residents will vacate Emerald Court and ATS Village societies and over 2,500 vehicles will be removed from there on August 28, officials were quoted as saying by PTI. They will vacate their houses by 7 am on the day, to stay safe from the 100-metre long twin towers that were supposed to home 900 families and 21 shops at Sector 93B of Noida. While the twin towers had come up on premises of Emerald Court only, ATS Village is adjoining the illegal structures on the other side in Sector 93A of the city.

As per a report by India Today, Edifice Engineering, the company that has been tasked with the demolition work, has assured of compensation for structural damage to the houses of both Emerald Court and ATS society. Over 2,500 vehicles will also be removed from there.

Hospital Beds Reserved, Food and Accommodation Arranged for Residents

Around 50 beds have been reserved for residents in case they fall sick, at the Felix Hospital in Sector 137, including beds for 12 bedridden residents of Emerald Court, ET Now reported. An ambulance has also been arranged to cater to any untoward medical emergency.

“We have got the list of 10-12 patients who suffer from heart ailments, paralytic conditions and cancer, and are bedridden. We have made proper arrangements at the hospital. Besides, about 40 beds will remain reserved for other residents,” Dr DK Gupta, chairperson and managing director of the hospital was quoted as saying by the publication.

Arrangements have also been made for the Emerald Court residents in nearby societies. On August 28, when the Noida twin tower demolition takes place, residents who will stay at Parsvnath Prestige and Purvanchal Silver City, will be given food and beverages through the day.

Of the 40 workers present at site for charging, only 10 would remain on August 28. Among them would be two Indian blasters and Edifice project manager Mayur Mehta and seven members of its South African expert partner Jet Demolition.

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