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Is Your Baby Often Throwing Things? Here Are Ways To Stop Them

Is Your Baby Often Throwing Things? Here Are Ways To Stop Them


Babies can often give their parents a tough time. There are a million ways they can irritate you and cause chaos. From running away while having their meals to throwing things around, they do a lot of things that are undesirable. However, throwing isn’t a bad thing unless it becomes a habit. This is because throwing an object shows that your baby is learning hand and brain coordination along with the basic calculation of speed and time in their head. But if it becomes a pattern and your toddler starts throwing things for attention, you need to consult an expert to understand the issue behind it.

Toddlers may not be able to say much but their behavioural patterns talk a lot about what they want to communicate. If throwing things has become a pattern for your baby, to inculcate better behaviour, we need to understand the cause of such irrationality. These causes might be – exploration, love of the sound of things hitting the ground, trying to express incorrect usage, for fun or attention. The habit can lead to your baby becoming undisciplined or developing a destructive personality.

Parents need to take the necessary steps to inculcate better habits in their kids if they see a pattern of irrational behaviour and throwing things. According to MomJunction, here are some ways they can do so:

Set Rules – Whenever your toddler throws a toy, take it away for some time. This will ensure your toddler understands that there are rules to how he handles his toys. The baby will be aware that throwing things is unacceptable behaviour.

Explain to them that there are consequences – Make them realise that throwing stuff might break them or render them useless. Use a polite tone to do so and simple language so that they understand clearly.

Praise them when they choose not to do it – Whenever your toddler is about to throw anything and they stop, make sure you praise them and tell them it was a good effort. This will encourage them to repeat this and make better decisions.

Give options – When they want to experiment with cause and effect, give them other alternatives. You could change the object and hand them a ball or frisbee which would encourage them not to throw other, more important things.

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