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International Nystagmus Day 2022: History, Significance and Celebrations


INTERNATIONAL NYSTAGMUS DAY 2022: The International Nystagmus Day is observed on June 20. It is dedicated to the cause of creating awareness about Nystagmus, a medical condition in which the eyes make rapid, repetitive, and uncontrolled movements. The condition which is also commonly known as “dancing eyes” has no permanent cure as of now.

However, early diagnosis can help to control the effects of Nystagmus. It can be treated to be in control with supportive therapy, drugs like gabapentin, memantine, levetiracetam, contact lenses, and a surgery called tenotomy where the tendons are re-attached.

International Nystagmus Day 2022: History and significance

It is an initiative taken by Nystagmus Network which operates as a charity in England and Wales. The Nystagmus Network established in 1984, primarily funds research on the eye problem.

The day is dedicated to the cause of spreading information about nystagmus as well as its limited available treatments. People are educated about the early symptoms and signs of nystagmus through various seminars and campaigns on this day.

International Nystagmus Day 2022: Celebrations

One of the best ways this day can be commemorated is by organising a fundraiser. Money collected through the fundraising events can then be donated to an eye clinic or research institute working toward the treatment of nystagmus.

Another way to support people with nystagmus is to create peer support groups that include all those who are affected by the condition. Organising monthly meetings of such groups can be really helpful as this would give them the opportunity to be with the ones who share the same problem.

On this day, Nystagmus Network also conducts research workshops and holds the photography competition for adults and drawing for children in the UK to help the patients to explore their creative side.

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