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How To Wake Up Sleeping Baby For Feeding


Young children need special care. To keep the baby healthy, many parents take full care of them, which also includes feeding from time to time. There is no fixed timetable for sleeping and waking up of the babies, due to which many times they stay asleep even after feeding time. In such a situation, parents are confused whether to wake up the baby or not.

According to experts, just feeding the babies is not enough. Rather, it is equally important to follow the right time of feeding for proper nutrition and growth. Usually, babies digest mother’s milk easily. Therefore, if they are not breastfed every 2-3 hours, their stomach remains empty. This can cause gas and stomach pain in children. Let us tell you some methods of feeding babies after waking them up without causing them any discomfort.

Dim the room light

Children are very sensitive to light. Hence, to wake the children from sleep, keep the light in the room low, so that due to sudden awakening and exposure to bright light, the child does not cry and becomes restless.

Massage the feet

Waking a baby up by massaging the feet is one of the most effective ways as the baby feels no discomfort and the slow touch wakes them up pretty easily too.

Carry on your lap

Sometimes babies are in deep sleep. When that’s the case, it is best not to wake them up suddenly otherwise the baby can get restless. Therefore, to wake them up, you lift them on your lap and walk for 5 minutes with slow steps. The baby will wake up as soon as he or she feels the movement.

Sing a lullaby

Children wake up immediately after hearing the voice of their mother or father. That’s why you can hum a song in a low voice to raise the children. With the help of this, the baby slowly wakes up and sees you first. Show your smiling face to the baby at that time, he will not cry.

Change diaper

If the baby is sleeping late, then obviously his diaper must have become wet too. Changing diapers is a great way to wake the baby up too. Do it slowly without haste to make sure the baby doesn’t get restless.

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