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How Lentils Can Help You Keep Your Sugar Levels Under Control


Doctors advise diabetic patients to monitor their diet, which, in turn, also helps them keep their sugar levels under control. And while the consumption of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates are important among other essential nutrients for the body, it is important to monitor the weight of diabetic patients.

Doctors advise patients with diabetes to eat pulses with certain limitations. Doctors and dieticians prepare a diet chart for such patients. For example, it is said that diabetic patients should consume moong dal to control blood sugar levels.

According to, “In pulses, both soluble and insoluble dietary fibres and complex carbohydrates are found. It is rich in fibre and also has a good amount of protein. Because of this, pulses are essential for diabetic patients.”

Doctors recommend moong daal be eaten especially as sprouts. For sprouts, one has to soak the pulses overnight. Sprouts are good for health even for a non-diabetic patient. It is advised to have them in the morning for better results. Sprouts can control high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes.

Apart from moong dal, gram dal is considered a good alternative because it consists of a glycemic index which is less than 8. Apart from the glycemic index, folic acid and protein are also present. A culmination of all these results in the formation of Red Blood cells hence the body becomes healthy.

Rajma is considered beneficial because its GI level is 19 and it is rich in fibre.

Urad Dal: Its glycemic index is 43 and rich in protein.

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